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You can build a working TOC using Microsoft Word (see Microsoft Help pages for more information on creating and formatting TOCs).

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They may still be trying to find themselves or could lack commitment,' he says.

“I usually message them asking a question about how they managed some career achievement, like a huge project they’ve mentioned in their bio.

Then if they’re responsive to that, I ask if we could meet for a networking coffee.” There’s even a new app, Be Linked, which allows you to search through Linked In by specific criteria such as location, essentially turning it into a Tinder-style database.

Most people tell the truth on their Linked In profile, since there are real-life repercussions to describing yourself as the managing director when you’re actually a shift supervisor.

The second is that some men are apparently hoping Linked In is the new Ashley Madison.

Like many women (and men), I signed up to Linked In to connect with professionals in order to enhance my career prospects.